Sunday, September 17, 2017

Go! Go!

This was kind of funny. There used to be a girl's TV anime series where the main character would call out "Ike! Ike! Go! Go! Jump!," and I've remembered that expression ever since. So, that's the first thing that came to mind when I saw this Halloween display in the 100 yen shop (the Japanese version of the Dollar Store) in Tenmonkan.

Actually, I lie. I happened to see this display the day after I encountered the below restaurant, and I thought the repeated usage of "Go! Go!" like this was unusual.

I was walking to the school last week, and the lettering on the door immediately caught my eye. The place is brand new, and I guess it's the second in the chain to open up.

A: "Do you want to grab something to eat at McDonald's?"
B: "No, I'd rather Go! Hungry!"


Shawn Cordner said...

har, har. But what's a hamburg vs. a hamburger?

TSOTE said...

The hamburg, or hamburg steak, is what we currently consider to be the hamburger patty. It wasn't until the patty was placed between two pieces of bread that it became known as the "hamburger". So, in Japan, the hamburg is still just the patty, treated like it is a cut of steak.
You can see more in the wiki article: