Friday, April 27, 2018

Busker 2

With the warmer weather comes the return of hopeful guitarists to the Tenmonkan arcade. Usually, they play in the evening after the shops close, but this woman was here in the middle of the afternoon on a weekday. Can't blame her - it was a nice day. She had four fans sitting and recording as she played, and I assume they were friends offering moral support.

Since she wasn't plugged in, it was hard to really hear her sing over the crowd noises. I guess she was kind of folk-pop

The sign advertises Haraguro and Reina Inada. I suppose that Haragura made the sign, and that Reina is the singer. Actually, searching around a bit on the net, it looks like Reina has been performing for a while now. My initial impression was that she sounded somewhat shaky, and she just needed more practice. But maybe the idea was to shoot a youtube-level music video of one of her songs.

If I see her in the arcade again, I may give her a more serious listen.

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