Sunday, April 15, 2018

Yamakataya Culture Class Demo Apr. 14, 2018

I've mentioned this one before. The Yamakataya department store in Tenmonkan offers "culture classes," such as for hula dancing, Go, guitar, taisho harp and Japanese calligraphy. And then, every 3 months or so, the store has the students put on demonstrations in the nearby open space for what they've been studying.

This time, the demo ran from 11:30 AM to 4 PM on Saturday. Unfortunately, I couldn't get out of the apartment until 1:15, and I had English classes from 2-5 PM. I was only able to catch 2 groups of one of the hula classes. (The schedule showed that other groups included a few guitar players, more hula dancers, and some traditional Japanese theater. So, I wasn't missing too much.) In past events, I've enjoyed taping the taisho harp and Italian classical singing groups.

Otherwise, the weather was bad again, with heavy rain all day. So, I didn't bother trying to get to Amu Plaza during my mid-afternoon break. I just hung out at a nearby coffee shop and waited until my evening class started.

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