Monday, April 16, 2018

KTS Spring TV Shows Fest

KTS TV had another of its live broadcasts at Amu Plaza to promote its new Spring season show line-up this weekend. Last Thursday, I'd checked Amu Plaza's online event schedule, so I knew this was coming up, but I had to work most of Saturday, and we'd had heavy rain all day, so I didn't bother walking the mile from the school to Amu Plaza to try to get photos for the blog. The weather was much better on Sunday, but the schedule just showed some rock-paper-scissors games, some manzai, and a couple bits with the TV personalities advertising the new shows.

There really wasn't much I had any interest in, so I got to Amu Plaza at 2 PM, took a few photos for the blog, then hung out at Seattle's Best Coffee to read the latest volume of Attack on Titan. Above, we have the ever-popular KTS "stupid bird" mascot.

There were a couple photo-op sets for people to take selfies with the KTS logo.

The booth tables were limited to promos for the new shows. No food this time.

Two of the station's on-air personalities challenged the audience to jan-ken-pon (rock-paper-scissors), for prizes of candy and advertising gimmicks. I got lucky with the above shot - the actual jan-ken went really fast, and the kid lost. Here, though, the photo makes it look like the announcer had already given himself away and the kid should have been able to easily win.

The manzai duo. Manzai is a Japanese type of stand-up comedy that often includes slapstick. These two guys just joked with each other. The audience ate it up, but I had difficulty following the dialog.

Not a really eventful weekend. I'm waiting for the Amu Plaza beer fest on the weekend of the 28th, and Dai Hanya at Dolphin Port the same weekend.

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