Tuesday, April 3, 2018

New Photo Displays in the Park

The park running along one side of the Kotsuki river stretches for about half a mile, and is dissected by three big roads going north-south. As I was walking through the park to look at cherry blossoms after the hanami party on Sunday, I discovered a new set of photo displays set up in an area I don't normally visit.

A few more actors promoting the 150th Anniversary of the Meiji Restoration had been approached by children that wanted to ask them questions. The guy playing Toshimichi Okubu stayed in character when asked what his favorite TV show is ("we don't have TVs in the Meiji era").

The photo displays are kind of like murals, 6 feet tall, and maybe 15 feet long. One side is a montage portraying various sites, people and events from the Restoration (1860's), while the other side has a number of black and white photos of people and places from that period. They look very flashy, but they don't photograph well, and most people in the park ignored them.

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