Saturday, June 2, 2018

Hash Max

The Lotteria burger shop in Tenmonkan was advertising their new "hash max" burgers. Basically, they're just double-patty burgers with a hash brown square in the middle, and a bit of salad on the top. The real burgers never look like the photos.

I just found the use of retro 80's style manga racer girl artwork to be interesting. The word balloons say "Hash Max 1 - Hash Max Hamburger" and "Hash Max 2 - Hash Max Cheese Burger."

So, one day I've got a bit of time to kill between English lessons, and rather than hang out in the Tully's Coffee shop, I decide to try one of the Hash Max burgers. The set for the cheapest one is about 560 yen ($5.50 USD) for the hamburger and a large soft drink. I settle for an ice coffee.

As mentioned above, it doesn't look anything like the photo. The two patties are pathetic little flat slices of overcooked meat that crumbled when I opened the top bun. There's an ignorable amount of catsup and mustard, and the "hash brown" is a thin disk of fried mashed potato. Between them, the double meat patty fails to equal a regular McDonald's single patty. Not worth buying.

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