Friday, June 1, 2018


I was walking along the west side of the main train station, where there used to be a net cafe (all you can read manga, or play video games for $4 USD/hour). That net cafe closed over a year ago, and was replaced by a regular restaurant/bar. There's not a lot of reason for me to visit that part of the station, but a couple weeks ago, I was in the same area, and discovered this sign for Petitchaton, a maid bar. Maid cafes aren't popular in Kagoshima, so I was surprised to see that they might possibly be making an in-roads after all. Maid bars aren't anywhere near as much fun as maid cafes (with the bars, it's mainly just a female bartender doing cosplay, while in the cafes there's an entire staff that mingle with the customers and stop to have full conversations; plus, there's the maid photos), so I haven't talked myself into going inside yet. I'll go eventually at least once, though. Maybe.

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