Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Arata Hachimagu Shrine

"Arata Hachimangu (Arata Shrine)
Emperor Ojin, Empress Jingu and Tamayori-hime-no-mikoto were deified here.
The date of establishment is unknown. During the latter part of the Heian period, Arata manor, one of the manors of the Osumi-Sho-Hachiman Shrine (present day Kagoshima Jingu Shrine) was established and it is said that Arata Hachimangu was built as a branch of the Osumi-Sho-Hachiman Shrine. Today, the yearly orthodox shrine ritual, "Hama-kudari," is observed on the Sunday that lies closest to October 23rd. Subordinate gods, located at the cardinal points of the shrine, mark the boundary of Arata manor. When orthodox shrine rituals are held, people perform services at these points which is known as "going around the border." The ritual called Hatsuuma-Festival is also currently performed here.
This shrine is also believed to have the power to ward off poisonous Adder snakes. Therefore it is popular for people to take some sand from below the shrine as a lucky charm. People also pray to the gods here for good luck and for a safe delivery when giving birth.
A large camphor tree located in this precinct was designated as a protected plant by Kagoshima City on March 20, 1974."

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