Sunday, March 5, 2017

Nonki Hitori Ventures show

Seredipity is a strange thing. Back in February, I was walking through Tenmonkan and I spotted one of the guys that occasionally plays for the Bon DX SKA band - Nonki. I waved to him and he recognized me, even remembering my name. We talked for a few minutes, and I asked if he had any performances coming up. He mentioned the Kagoshima Noufuku Marshe, which is another one of those outdoor markets in Amu Plaza, on Friday, March 3rd, at 4PM. Which was a problem for me because I work up until 4 on Fridays and there'd be no time to get to Amu Plaza before the show ended. But, we said goodbye and went our separate ways. A few days later, I spotted him in Tenmonkan again - we waved, shook hands and kept going without talking. I hadn't seen him for about a year, so I took this as a sign. I arranged with the school to move my class forward half an hour for that Friday, then I ran the mile up to the main train station, arriving just as Nonki was warming up before the show. We didn't have time to talk at all then because he was acting as MC for the Marshe, trying to get the audience to look at the produce booths and spend money. Afterward, he had to talk to the event's organizer, so I couldn't get a photo with him. Either way, it was a good show.

Nonki is a Ventures fan, and he was billing this as the "Nonki Hitori (one-man) Ventures show". He'd recorded the backup drums and bass guitar on a CD himself, and he used that to back himself up for the performance. In a way, it was a guitar karaoke show, but it was still fun.

Direct youtube link, Part 1

Direct youtube link, Part 2

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