Thursday, March 9, 2017

Last Bargain

Amu Plaza ran their "Last Bargain" campaign from Jan. 31st to Feb. 5th. Basically, it's just clothing that no one wants at 5%-10% discounts (the sign says "up to 70%, so you only need one pair of socks at 70% off to claim that the sign is correct). There was nothing worth looking at, so I'll wait for their next Last Bargain sale in a few weeks.

Of greater interest was the sign promoting the Kagoshima "power spots", which are tourist traps in some of the cities in Kagoshima prefecture. There are apparently some people that collect photos of themselves at those places. The one in Kagoshima city is on the roof of Amu Place, next to the Ferris wheel.

Not many shoppers that day.

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