Sunday, January 1, 2017

Sept.-Dec. articles in the media

Here's the batch of articles to show up in the media from Sept.-Dec., regarding anime, manga and related stuff. Old stories for the new year.

Japan Times

Amazon to launch new manga e-book reader for Japanese market

'In This Corner of the World': Katabuchi's war film has a human heart

Review of "Sunny" manga by Taiyou Matsumoto

Daily Yomiuri

Anime studio sets up home in Okayama Pref.

Warner Bros. to produce Babymetal animation film

Wave, Listen to Me review

This Art Club Has a Problem! radio program review

Dance, Dance, Danseur review

Showa Genroku Rakugo Shinju review

Anime clip encourages gangsters to quit

AI no Idenshi review

Toriko manga honored 'autophagy' before Nobel committee

‘Unprintable’ Tanizaki reborn in manga

Exhibition of manga art supporting Kumamoto

The Four Immigrants Manga - Japanese immigrant in the U.S.

Roppeita Yamaguchi from general affairs review


Manga history books appeal to all ages and defy retail sales slump

Thank you, Ryo-san, for the 40-year run of 'Kochikame'

Manga history books appeal to all ages and defy retail sales slump

One-day anime event a feature of the Tokyo film festival this year

Memories of a long-lost Hiroshima conjure an instant anime classic

Kita-Kyushu to hold global manga competition

Director Mamoru Hosoda hopes to surpass anime legend Miyazaki

'Your Name.' of Makoto Shinkai tops 10 billion yen in 28 days

Studio Khara's TV show 'The Dragon Dentist' to debut in 2017

'Attack on Titan' anime season 2 to hit small screens in spring

'Akiba's Trip' video game to get anime series starting January

Cool 'gaiman' foreign comics offer different view of manga

Top comic artists, animators get Brave & Bold in Akihabara

'March Comes in Like a Lion' official cafe opens in Tokyo

What's in a name? "Your Name" means a lot in Hina

Seibu Railway brings back 'Galaxy Express 999' trains

'Jojo's Bizarre Adventure' gets live-action film for summer 2017

‘Yowamushi Pedal’ races to join Saitama's 'Tour de France'

Hokkaido anime festival to open with Katabuchi's latest release

Spate of memoirs reveal the harsh realities behind Ghibli’s enigma

Erotic drawings kept in Osamu Tezuka's closet see light of day

AnimeJapan says it will put on even more weight in 2017

'Your Name.' wins best film award at Spain’s Sitges festival

Anime director Hosoda talks about earlier works at TIFF

'Ghost in the Shell' makers defend Johansson casting

First 'Onihei' anime television adaptation to begin in January

Credit cards themed on Char Aznable of 'Gundam' offered

Value of anime market increases 12% to 1.83 trillion yen

'Sakamoto' puts Nishinomiya on the map as city invites fans

Manga heroine Sailor Moon battles syphilis and other STDs

"No Longer Human" anime train runs through Aomori

Gainax, ARiNAT of Saudi Arabia announce ‘Desert Knight’

Astro Boy gets a shadowy Batman look for new video game

Sculptor shapes soul into anime, movie model figures in Shima

Giant Gundam robot statue to say goodbye to Odaiba in March

'King of Prism' breaks Japanese anime record in South Korea

Mizuki Shigeru Road to get even more ghoulish with new statues

'Atom: The Beginning' to debut on NHK in spring 2017

Kyoto manga museum pays homage on 10th anniversary

Tokyo Anime Award Festival 2017 finds new Tokyo home

First teaser for 'Fullmetal Alchemist' movie unveiled online

New 'Patlabor Reboot' anime short streamed until Feb. 28

‘Your Name.,’ ‘Miss Hokusai,’ ‘Red Turtle’ vie for Annie Award

Katabuchi's gift to anime fans: Cartoon maps of Hiroshima, Kure

Ramen maniac character joins Tokiwaso manga monuments

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