Wednesday, January 18, 2017


There's an aquarium at the north end of Dolphin Port, and there's kind of a moat that goes around it. A few times a day, the aquarium staff bring out the dolphins to do tricks in the moat for any visitors watching at the time. There are fence nets at each each of the dolphin space to keep them from escaping, but the nets have holes large enough to let in smaller fish seeking the remains of whatever fish chunks the dolphins don't eat.

One day, I was walking around the port for exercise during my break at the English school, and I saw a guy standing next to the moat, with his camera aimed at the water. I'd thought he was just taking photos of a little yellow buoy for some reason, and it took me about a minute to finally see the fish swimming all over the place. I got my big camera out and tried taking photos myself, but the things kept wanting to swim too deep down, and I had a lot of trouble getting any kind of shots at all.

I'm told these are sharks. They averaged at least 3-4 feet long, at a guess.

I must have spent 45 minutes watching them, but it didn't feel that long.

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