Sunday, July 2, 2017

Food Fair June 26

Not a whole lot going on event-wise lately. Two weeks ago, we were supposedly in the middle of "tsuyu", AKA: rainy season. Generally, tsuyu lasts 2-3 full weeks and just consists of non-stop humidity and drizzle. This time, we had about 1 week of solid heavy thunderstorms, and then it went into full-blown hot summer. Weird weather all around, but not much else worth talking about. However, the weekend of the 26th, Amupla hosted another of its arts/crafts and food booth sales, this one called "Yume no Kue" (Dream eating?) I had to work all Saturday, and I hadn't been expecting anything to be happening on Sunday, so I didn't get up to the main train station until about 4 PM. That's when I found that they had a small event stage with school kids doing various performances.

There was a small live group providing folk music for the performers, but I think they were being intentionally hidden way from the audience, so I couldn't get a good shot of them.

A group of young acrobats were just finishing up when I arrived. They were then followed by this group of dancers doing a traditional folk dance, where they imitated farmers growing and harvesting rice.

Nothing else was going on, so I just did some food shopping, and read a book on the history of code breaking. Like I say, a slow couple of weeks, if you ignore the global warming parts.

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