Tuesday, July 18, 2017

TSOJ enters year 10

When I first sat down to start writing up this entry, on the occasion of TSOJ wrapping up another year in Japan, I was thinking that there really wasn't much to mention this time. Yes, I did have a great trip to Wisconsin to visit family for a few weeks in August. And yeah, there was that kidney stone in November, plus having to spend a night in the hospital after having a polyp removed. Then we had great, though, sporadic live music events, culminating in the Ohara dance fest, the Kagoshima Music Fest and Rokugatsu-gou. I haven't been as active making things this year, though, and Gakken has been pretty much dead as far as new science kits releases go. I've been reading some good science and math books in English, including one on the Riemann Hypothesis, Martin Gardner's Colossal Book of Mathematics, and Simon Singh's 1999 The Code Book. But, not so much for manga. Mainly just the latest C.M.B. and Q.E.D. iff volumes, and one volume each of Area 51 and Ajin. I missed most of the Ohara matsuri, and Ogionsa was practically deserted last year (this year's Ogionsa won't be until July 27th).

Otherwise, I've been pretty much keeping busy with keeping busy. Oh, and um, I tried running webcomicsinterviews.com for 6 months, but I never got the reader interest from that that I wanted, so it's on hiatus now. And, we got a 5.0 earthquake in Kagoshima the morning I began writing this entry. That was rather scary, but it didn't cause any serious damage to any of the buildings in the city.

Now, we get to see what year 10 brings.


martin said...

Congrats! Keep up the good work in year 10!

TSOTE said...

Thanks, Martin. I'll do what I can.