Wednesday, February 5, 2020

Small Adventure 70

A while back, I was up at Amu Plaza, walking in front of the big display windows for the department store, near the main train station. Ahead of me was a young woman in an expensive dress and high heels, with her hair in an expensive 'do. Most Japanese woman can't walk in heels to save their lives, but they love to wear them anyway. At the time, this woman turned to admire her reflection in one of the windows, twisted her ankle, and went head-first to the sidewalk. She immediately got back up, apologized ("gomen nasai"), (even though I was the only other person there, and I was behind her, where she couldn't see me because she didn't look around), and immediately ran off towards the station entrance (presumably to get to a restroom so she could wash her hands and check her hairdo).

Japan may be the only country where someone would apologize to their own reflection for tripping in heels.

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