Monday, February 10, 2020

Terukuni Shrine Market, Feb. 8-9

Last Thursday, I was walking by Terukuni, near Central Park, and I noticed there was still a podium in the parking lot at about where there had been one on Monday for the Setsubun bean throwing madness. On Friday, construction workers were putting up some more tents, and I assumed they were preparing for one of their periodic outdoor markets. So, I decided to swing by on Saturday on my way back home from the English school in the middle of the afternoon.

Turned out I was right. Processed foods, some prepared foods (like takoyaki and soba), toys, crafts, jewelry, and weird stuff.

This doll looked much more creepy in person. I think I still hear it scratching around in the hallway outside at night...

The painted kitsune masks were there again this year, but I didn't see the artist, her husband or the rest of their entourage this time.

One table was handing out free samples of raw honey. Some of it was really good, but a bit on the expensive side. I decided on holding off on buying a bottle until I could check in the apartment to see if we needed any more. Turned out that we did. So, I planned on coming back on Sunday to get one. Unfortunately, that didn't work out, and by Monday all the tables were gone. Sigh. Maybe next time.

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