Sunday, April 30, 2017

Dai Hanya 2017, Day 1

Another year, another big Dai Hanya event. This is the 2-day yosakoi (Japanese style cheerleading dance) festival and contest generally held at the beginning of Golden Year (last year, it had been postponed until June because of the Kumamoto earthquake). This year, there were 88 teams, for a total of 1,000 dancers, mostly from around Kyushu, but a couple groups were from the main Honshu island. I had to work on Saturday, but I did have 2 hours free between lessons from 4 PM to 6 PM, and I recorded 6 of the teams down at Dolphin Port. The dance sites were scattered around Tenmonkan, Dolphin Port, Central Park, and the main train station. The dance teams performed at several of the sites through out the weekend. I liked it a lot, and wasn't really happy that I didn't have enough time to visit any of the other dance sites...

I took about 20 photos, and distilled them down to the 3 here (plus the two I used for titlecards). For the most part I concentrated on recording videos because the entire point is to watch the dancing along with the music. The teams represented universities, ramen restaurants, onsen resorts (hot spring spas) and even Kyushu JR (the Japan railway company).

Direct video link to part 1

Direct video link to part 2

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