Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Monsters Egg

The coffee and import shop, Kaldi, in the basement of the Amu Plaza department store, has boxes of these plastic eggs for Monsters, Inc., Star Wars, and a few other Disney movies, for 250 yen ($2.40 USD) apiece.

I decided to get one to find out what was inside them, since the packaging only mentions a "surprise". Then I got a second to take photos of for the blog. The capsules contain a small package of "chocolate lentils," which is another was of saying  "M&M knock-offs", and a second plastic capsule with a toy inside.

Toys can range from little figures of minor characters from one of the movies, erasers, bracelet charms, or plastic character heads. I haven't seen Monsters U, so I don't know who this one is. It's about 1/2" tall.

Neither of the things I received were of characters advertised on the insert paper. Not really worth the money unless you're buying this for a child, or you're a really rabid collector. It's certainly not worth getting for the lentils.

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