Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Tenmonkan Halloween 2017

The Tenmokan shopping arcade hosted their 2017 Halloween event for kids Saturday afternoon, from about 2 PM to 4 PM. The basic idea was for parents to bring their kids in costume to the arcade, and there would be shops in the area handing out candy, plus some live stage events. There wasn't a schedule board this time, so I have no idea what all of the events were. However, we had another typhoon bearing down on Kyushu last weekend, and that brought us some drizzle and very strong winds. Quite a few families showed up anyway, so we got a lot of kids dressed up as minions, Hogwarts students, and Disney princesses.

I spent a few minutes during my break walking around and looking at the activities tables.

You could color and punch out masks if you didn't already have one of your own.

I had to work from 1-2 PM, and then there was another lesson at 6 PM. When I got to the area at 12:45 PM, the stage was empty.

At 3 PM, there was a group from one of the dance schools doing the Japanese idea of idol dancing. They were enthusiastic, but not very coordinated. I continued up to Amu Plaza to check out the Halloween activities there. When I returned to Tenmonkan for my 6 PM class, everything was already packed up and put away.

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