Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Architecture Exhibit Mar. 4, 2018

Next activity for this weekend. As I was heading from the marathon site in Central Park on my way to Amu Plaza, I passed through Tenmonkan in front of 7-11. Turned out they were hosting another exhibit of building designs by the architecture students at Kagoshima university.

Some of the models were the same as from past years. They included schools, houses and shopping complexes.

The all-white pieces don't stand out as well in the photo as they did in real-life.

If they ever start making hinged buildings, I want one in the shape of Pac-man.

The little tray partly visible at the far right of the photo contained a small pile of snack candies and crackers set out for the passersby. The idea was for people to fill out survey forms on their impressions of the designs, and then take some of the snacks as a reward. One of the attendants saw me sneaking the snacks, and offered me a free cup of coffee as well. We started talking, with my mentioning that I've seen this exhibit in previous years. Later, he said that he'd just graduated from the school. When we were done talking, he offered me a couple more snacks. That was nice. I ate them all on my way to Amu Plaza.

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