Saturday, March 24, 2018

Curry Don

I wrote about the Segodon Fest 2 weeks ago, where a bunch of shops were selling rice bowls, based on a pun on Saigo Takamori's name. At the time, I was busy and didn't really feel like trying any of the food. But, the idea was at the back of my mind for several days. Finally, I had a free afternoon, and a need to do shopping in the Amu Plaza area last Sunday, the final day of the event. After a lot of dithering, and hoping that more tables would reduce their prices as 5 PM was drawing closer, I finally settled on this runny egg omelet and curry bowl. The egg is intentionally undercooked, and the curry had a very strong beef flavor, all on a bed of rice. 500 yen. The guy doing the cooking hand-prepared the egg starting when I placed the order, and the staff kind of just ignored me after taking my money. They had a wall of prepared curry bowls sitting on the table, and I was wondering if the idea was that I was just supposed to take one and then leave. But finally, the cook finished my egg, poured it into a bowl, and someone else added the curry before giving it to me.

Not bad. Not great, but not bad. Maybe I'll get something else next year.

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