Thursday, March 8, 2018

Fureai Folk Art Exhibit, Mar. 1, 2018

Finally, on March 1st I was at the Volunteer Center, and I found another of the Fureai art collections on display on the second floor. Basically, these are arts and crafts handmade by the people living in Kagoshima (either school children, or senior citizens). Most of them are pretty much what you'd expect from amateurs, but a few pieces were worth taking photos of.

There were special sections for quilts and hanging banners.

Grilled fish.

Examples of the kid's wall.

Plus tables with little figures and dolls.

Hina Dolls hanging banner.

Over on my science and math blog, I'd written a comment on one chapter of a Martin Gardner math book, where he pretended that these leather straps were the creation of a magician working through the fourth dimension to make otherwise impossible folds. In fact, these have been used as lanyards by Boy Scouts in England for close to 100 years. Here, they're made as bracelets.

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