Friday, March 30, 2018


This blog hit 1 million page views back in May of last year. For a while, I was averaging maybe 600 views a day after that. However, in February, I mentioned that I wasn't going to include sample page scans from my manga reviews, and my daily average views pretty much got cut in half after that. Anyway, I've slowly been edging towards 1,111,111 hits, and as of 2:30 AM, as I'm preparing to go to bed, I'm at 1,111,088 (I've been getting about 1 hit every 15 minutes since I started watching the counter more closely last evening). Who knows, maybe I'll wake up and the suspense will be long over.

Edit: Ok, so I end up waking up a couple times during the night, so I check the computer while I'm up. At 4 AM, I was at 1,111,101 views. At around 6:30, I'd rolled over to 1,111,116. I could Photoshop the screen cap to make it look like I'd grabbed it at exactly the right moment, but I'm not that wrapped up in this kind of numerology.

Next milestone - 1,234,567...?

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