Thursday, May 2, 2019

Apr. 27-28, Part Dai Hanya, Day 2

On Sunday, I dropped by Central Park to check out the KYT TV event, then swung over to the Wan Wan Fest. As I was wandering about, I spotted one yosakoi dance group doing the tourist thing. I was preparing to ask them to pose for a photo, but they kept talking among themselves and I didn't want to interrupt. At one point, one of the guys mentioned going to Berg Plaza (the open space in front of Lotteria), so I figured that I'd wait and get there ahead of them and then try asking. At Berg, I heard music coming from the parking lot on the other side of the wall. That's how I discovered one of the satellite stages.

There were several groups waiting to perform, and I decided to hang out and record everyone, giving up on asking for photos.

After about an hour of excitement, the battery started flashing low. I tried switching to the backup battery, and it wasn't in my belt pouch. I'd recharged it the day before, and I suspected that I might have forgotten it on the window sill at home. So, I went back, and couldn't find the battery on the sill, either. I ransacked my bags and the area of the apartment around the sill, with no luck. I'm guessing that maybe the zipper on the bag had unzipped enough for the battery to fall out when I was doing all my running Saturday. Sigh. Anyway, I still had enough charge on the first battery to take another 10 photos, so I walked down to Dolphin Port and watched the top 10 dance-offs until 5 PM, when I had to get ready for dinner at a sushi restaurant at Amu Plaza at 5:30 PM.

The sky was pretty cloudy all day, so I wasn't that bummed about missing video. Having to spend another $60 for a new battery , on the other hand...

At Dolphin Port, some of the groups were putting on a parade.

Then they returned to the stage, and I shot the 11 teams competing in the top 10.

It was fun, but some of the teams I'd watched on Saturday were performing here, too, and they weren't so amazing that I needed to see them again. I went to Tully's to get some coffee and kill time until 5 PM.

It was a very good weekend, considering.

I've been saving the video files down to 640x480, and I'm seeing pixelation in all of them. So far, no one else has complained about that. But, a couple days ago, I went back to one of the Dai Hanya videos from 2018, and there were only 2 views total, both of which were mine from when I was editing the youtube links. So, if no one is going to watch them, I'm not going to bother about making them higher res.

Direct Link to Day 2 video 1

Direct Link to Day 2 video 2

Direct Link to Day 2 video 3

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