Sunday, May 5, 2019

Kaiyodo Museum Kagoshima, May 3

I had to go down to Frespo Park (a shopping complex close to Kinko Bay) for a bit of shopping on Friday. I discovered that one of the shops that had been in this location had been gutted and turned into an event space or something, and had been hosting an exhibit of models from Kaiyodo company since Mar. 21st. There'd been an announcement on the radio earlier in the day saying something about something happening in Frespo, but I'd missed the details. Maybe the ad was about this exhibit. The main exhibit cost 1,500 yen ($13 USD) for adults, and I wasn't feeling that flush. I settled for taking photos of the stuff set out in the free-viewing area.

The little marker at the corner of the stand helpfully identifies this statue as "Red Dragon."

I could use one of these.

The goods shop had LOTS of models for sale. If only I had a place to keep them when I finished making them...

Ah! Megami-sama. Little versions of these models had been given away free with Afternoon magazine years ago.

When you put someone on a pedestal, make sure you give them a stand for their sheet music. I'll be honest, there's a LOT of very high-quality artwork on display here.

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