Friday, May 10, 2019

Super Mario Odyssey Chocolate Egg Toy

I was at Donkey again, and they'd started carrying the little boxes that have toys inside chocolate eggs. They're about $1.60 each, and the series has 15 known toys and one secret one, based on the Super Mario video game.

I decided to get one for the blog. I put the box on a sign advertising a hostess bar nearby, and I guess I got caught on a security camera, because as I was taking my pictures, a bouncer came out from somewhere on the second floor to stare at me until I left.

Fortunately, I'd already gotten the shots I'd wanted, so I grabbed the box and pealed off the foil as I walked away. The egg is just a thin layer of cheap milk chocolate, but it did taste surprisingly good. I may get one or two more eggs just for the chocolate.

This one's Capture Tank-rou. It's maybe 1" tall, and 1.5" long. The instructions show 8 pieces that need to be assembled, but most of them were already put together when I opened the capsule inside the egg. All I needed to do was put on the cap, and barrel on the tank body, and put that on the stand.

I have no interest in playing the game, but I wouldn't mind buying a few more of the eggs. It's good chocolate.

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