Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Osomatsu-kun Code Geass Pop-up Shop

Pop-up shops are becoming more common now, I guess. I haven't been paying that much attention to them. Basically, they're just a temporary arrangement of tables and/or shelves for selling themed goods. Over the last week, there was a combined Osumatsu-san, Code Geass goods pop-up shop in the Amu Plaza department store. Mainly shirts, snacks, and some jewelry.

Osomatsu-san is a sequel of sorts to Fujio Akatsuka's (Tensai Bakabon) Osomatsu-kun series. I don't care for the updated character designs or story at all, so I haven't been following it, but it's really being over-merchandized. And, actually, there's a second joke here, in that the Osomatsu brothers are cosplaying Ultraman (referred to as an "Uru-Matsu collaboration").

Osomatsu manju (snack cakes). This stuff is all overpriced, so I didn't bother buying anything this time.

I'm not sure if this stuff is hard sugar candy, or bath salts. Probably be a bad idea to make a mistake either way.

Osomatsu as gangsters.

Code Geass photo pose board.

Code Geass-inspired jewelry from a company called The Kiss.

The TV was just showing little highlight clips from Code Geass in a loop. Note, the table in the background is set up for promoting JQ Card credit cards. This was really the main purpose for this pop-up shop, to get people to sign up for the JQ card. Very mercenary.

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