Saturday, July 21, 2018

Always Burger Burger

I've written about Always Burger before, but I'd hadn't actually eaten one of their burgers up to this point. In part it was because of the price, or I wasn't hungry when their food truck was at an event location, or because their burgers looked to be designed to spill food all over your shirt as you were standing and eating them. But, one day I was jonesing for a burger, and the Always truck was parked in front of Amu Plaza. I got the Regular for 550 yen, and waited while the woman in the truck prepared the thing (frying the refrigerated patty and toasting the buns). It consists of the two buns, a thick slice of tomato, a stack of lettuce, and the patty, plus a fair amount of mayonnaise, mustard and teriyaki sauce. The paper wrapper is shaped like a cone, to make it easier to eat the burger without it disintegrating in your hands, but even so, it's taller than it's wide, and it is tricky to eat cleanly. Everything but the meat patty was good. The patty itself was kind of dry and tasteless, like it was made either with chicken or tofu. Not really recommended.

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