Friday, July 20, 2018

Komeda Breakfast Set

Komeda is a coffee shop chain. When I was living in Kanagawa, I'd occasionally ride my bike through Noborito, and I'd pass by the Komeda shop there. I'd think about going inside to try the coffee, but I never actually did because I always wanted to keep riding more. Well, a few months ago, Komeda opened up a shop in Tenmonkan, in what had been a pachinko parlor on Streetcar Street. When I saw that a cup of coffee was 400 yen ($4 USD), and that desserts started at 750 yen, I figured I was better off getting my coffee elsewhere.

However, many of my online business English students in the Osaka and Kyoto regions would talk about cafes having a "breakfast toast service," which Komeda also offers, and I was curious about that. So, one morning, when I got up early and had time to kill before taking the streetcar to work, I went to Komeda for breakfast (the front door is no more than 20 feet from the streetcar platform). 450 yen gets you a long piece of toast with either butter or strawberry jam, a small cup of coffee, and a small munchie. The munchie is either a hardboiled egg, an equivalent amount of egg salad (called "egg paste") or the anko (sweet red bean paste pictured above). I wouldn't say that this is really $4.50 worth of food, but if you just want a quick bite to eat while reading the paper in order to wake up before going to work, it's not that bad of a deal. I still prefer a different shop, Ran, the other side of Kotsuki river from my apartment. At Ran, 650 yen gets you 2 pieces of toast with jam, a small salad, coffee, a fried egg, a slice of ham, and jelly for dessert. I go there 2-3 times a year, when I'm yearning for fried eggs (I always have hard boiled eggs at home).

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