Monday, July 9, 2018

High River

We got a lot of rain on Saturday. I had classes then, and my last class of the day got moved forward so that everyone could go home early. After the class ended, I walked up to Amu Plaza. At that point, the rain had stopped, but it was still light out. When I got to Kotsuki river, I did kind of a double-take, and figured I should take a photo of the river level.

The water is usually pretty shallow, but now it's high enough, and murky enough, that the walkway isn't visible. At a guess, I'd say the river is two feet higher than normal.

The next day, we were still getting a heavy drizzle, but the level had dropped to just about walkway height. We've left rainy season and are entering typhoon season, so who knows what will happen tomorrow.

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Unknown said...

You should post normal & high level pics so we can get an image of what's happening. Good stuff though