Wednesday, July 4, 2018


There's a burger shop at the south edge of Tenmonkan called "Hungry." I made fun of their name when they opened last year. I'd been thinking about trying their burgers for a while, but every time I was in the area, they were either closed, or I wasn't feeling like spending the money. Finally, I decided that I'd give them a chance for lunch one day. It's a small place, able to seat maybe 10-15 people, with a strong San Francisco vibe. The sound system played a radio station out of Hawai'i. I got the lunch set, which consisted of a hamburger patty (called a hamburg steak) with one choice of topping (I picked roasted garlic), a cup of onion soup, and a small plate of rice. The cheese was an extra 100 yen, and the total, with tax came to $10 USD. The patty was kind of small and flavorless and I couldn't taste the cheese at all. The soup and veggies were ok, but nothing special. Overall, yeah, overpriced. But, if I ever get homesick for English radio programming, I know where to go.

This sign was on the wall above the bar counter. Words to live by.

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