Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Year 11

Well, another year has come and gone for this blog. No real big highlights for the past year this time. Lots of events being held in the city, some good music, and a couple chances to meet with and talk to musicians I like. Nothing much in the way of art exhibits, video games, or movies. I did see the second half of Lupin III Goemon's Spray of Blood DVD movie, which was good, but nothing else. My Nintendo 3DS died, so I ended up buying two used Playstation 2 consoles in order to re-play Chrono Cross, which I liked (now I have a backup unit if the first one dies). Bought a Famicom Mini retro console, but I need to get a monitor with HDMI inputs to use it, and I haven't decided which monitor to get.  Started learning how to program in Free Pascal, and am writing about a cipher app I'm developing, over on my science blog. The app has been put on pause because I'm busy with work, but I've got over 16 blog entries written on ciphers, and I'm serializing a short story that I'm enciphering for anyone that wants to decipher it instead of playing Sudoku.

No real plans as I go into year 11 of this blog. We've got Ogionsa coming up this weekend, and another Yukata night the second weekend of August. Otherwise, just plugging away at what I usually do.

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