Sunday, December 1, 2019

Kagoshima Food Fest, Dec. 1st

Time to pull the curtains back a little and show some of the behind the scenes stuff that goes on here at Three Steps productions. Whenever I go outside, I generally have three things that I'm looking for to record in the blog. First are any events, product-related or music. Second are signs with good or strange artwork or badly-spelled English, and third is anything that strikes me as out of the ordinary. Lately, there hasn't been much of anything worth photographing or talking about. This is relevant in that I like to keep about a 3-4 week backlog of blog entries at all times. If lots of stuff is happening over a weekend, I'll decide either to separate each event or item out to run one day each, to build or maintain the backlog. Or, I'll combine everything into one "weekend of" entry because the backlog is getting too big and posters dated for stuff in August are obviously not getting run until November. Well, I've pretty much exhausted my backlog, and there were several things that happened this last weekend. So, even though there aren't that many photos for any one thing, I'm breaking them out into individual entries in the hopes that I can hold out until the Christmas season live music stage opens up at Amu Plaza, and I can get a real backlog again.

Anyway, I was walking in to the English school on Saturday, and saw this sign and the tables set up in the area in front of Lotteria. The event itself, Kagoshima Foods Festa, was scheduled for Sunday.

So, I drop back on Sunday at about 2:30 PM. Still not a lot going on. A few tables selling processed foods (honey, jams, cooked meats), and some food stalls with noodles, curry and coffee. I was tempted to get the hand-poured hot coffee, but it was taking 10 minutes per cup, and selling for 450 yen ($4 USD) for an eight ounce serving, and I gave up.

I just kind of like how it looks as if this old chef is trying to apply for a housing loan.

The sequence was: From the apartment I walked to Tenmonkan, where I encountered the health event. From there, I walk here, and along the way I spot a family walking from Terukuni shrine to the arcade, and their young daughter is dressed in full kimono. I get here, take my photos and go to Terukuni to see what's happening there. Turns out, there's nothing special I can see, so maybe the family was just participating in a private observance of some kind. I continue to Amu Plaza, and there's a whole bunch of things going on there.

To be continued...

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