Wednesday, November 22, 2017

American Coffee - Pocket Juicer Stand

Ok. I'm in the process of cleaning up my apartment, and I came across a handful of old memory cards I'd forgotten about from past digital cameras. Most of the cards can't hold 1 gig of files (my main card is 16 gig, and my backup is 8 gig.), and one was only 256 Mb. Before throwing them into recycling, I checked if there were any old files on them, then bit-stripped the memories to clean them off in case anyone else tried looking at them. I did discover a few files dating back to 2003. I may have run these here before, but I would have put them on Photobucket, which I'm not using anymore. Above are two drinks I haven't seen in Kagoshima - American Coffee-brand can coffee, and White Natade Koko Pocket Juicer Stand. American Coffee tasted like milk. White was, if I remember right, kind of like coconut juice with gelatin squares inside. It just has an unfortunate name...

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