Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Restored Jizo

This jizo (stone statue) is located near the apartment. Over a year ago, someone hit it with a bat or something, smashing the head off. It took someone else several weeks before they got around to putting the red shower cap over the rebar that had been sticking out of the top, to hide the damage. Finally, the statue received a new head shortly before I took this photo. It looks like the locals plan on taking better care of it now.

During one of the bigger typhoon warnings a few weeks back, someone took the precaution of disassembling the entire structure, wooden frame walls and everything, laying the pieces flat on the sidewalk so it wouldn't be damaged by the strong winds. First time I'd ever seen that done, and of course it was when I didn't have my camera with me. The next day, after the typhoon missed us, it was all reassembled and back in place again, so I missed the shot. However, when the statue was disassembled, the head was missing. I assume that it had been in safe storage during that time.

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