Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Capsule Ball Crystal Ball

At the same time that I'd gotten Mimizuku from the capsule ball dispensers, I also got this crystal planet. 4 in the series, 400 yen ($4 USD). One of the more expensive toys I've gotten so far from the dispensers, but it is worth the price. It's maybe 1.5" in diameter, and has kind of a hologram etching inside (I'm actually not sure how to call this kind of image). The series is all astronomically themed, and this one is of the Cygnus (The Swan) Constellation.

The camera had a lot of difficulty focusing on it.

I got to thinking about what would happen if the ball was back-lit. I have a small pocket high intensity LED flashlight, and I set the ball on that and turned on the light. The Swan lit up almost as if it were fluorescing. Having a ring of LEDs in the flashlight distributes the light across the image pretty evenly. If I had a wide-bore drill, I'd bore out the base and permanently mount it on the flashlight for display. The result is pretty.

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