Sunday, February 25, 2018

Jomon Cup Figures, Mimizuku

I'd gotten one capsule ball figure from this series a few weeks ago, but I was thinking that I had a bit of spare change, and it wouldn't hurt to try again to see if I could get the famed alien this time. These things are (only) 300 yen (3 USD).

Well. I didn't get the alien. This is Mimizuku. While it looks Mayan or Aztec, it was actually created during the later Jomon era (1,000 BC?), and found in the Kanto area (eastern Japan, which includes Tokyo). The word "mimuzuku" translates to "horned owl," and is a reference to the statue's resemblance to an owl. The figure is about 2" tall.

Mimizuku says, "Finish your milk!"

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