Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Saigo Marche

I went up to Amu Plaza Friday evening to get some post-Valentine's Day desserts from the food court in the basement of the department store, and discovered that they were putting on another Saigo Takamori-themed arts and crafts event this weekend. However, this time the sponsors had markers set out for people to draw on the big inflatable Saigo.

A small sampling of the writing on Saigo's back.

I got back to Amu Plaza on Sunday.

At this point, there was a promotion going on with a bunch of the local foamhead mascots, which apparently included rock-paper-scissors contests for children for small prizes.

Some of the foamheads.

Plus the big Saigo mannequin.

One of the vendors was selling products parodying Puma and Starbucks. (Buta = pig.)

Another interpretation of Saigo.

More mascots promoting a local area trying to get more tourists. I didn't catch which city they represent, but apparently they just started using these characters one month ago. Foxes.

Otherwise, another quiet weekend overall.

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