Saturday, February 3, 2018

Snowcap, Jan. 12 (recap)

Last Wednesday, the southern Kyushu area was getting warnings of a severe snowstorm bearing down on the area, predicted to hit Thursday morning. As a result, two of my English classes got cancelled for the day. Naturally, the bulk of the storm missed Kagoshima, and we just got a light smattering of flakes during the day, that melted before they hit the ground. But, it left a bit of a snowcap on the volcano on Friday. That looked good enough to photograph.

I'd love to climb up into the snow, but Sakurajima is a live volcano, and the government doesn't allow anyone to get within a kilometer, or so, of the top. Meaning that there aren't any roads or hiking trails at that level. (There is a logging road, and a logging company that has offices up toward the tree line, but that's private property and off limits to hikers.)

The temps have stayed around freezing since then, and the cap is still there a week later.
Not worth skiing on, though.

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