Saturday, February 3, 2018

Local activities for Jan. (repost)

Kuru Kuru Marche

The last couple weeks have been very slow, event-wise. Also, I've been insanely busy with work, keeping me tied up in front of the computer, or teaching classes. So, while I know what had been happening in the places I normally pass through for shopping and getting to the school, there could have been all kinds of things happening elsewhere that I may never have heard about in places that take longer to get to, like Dolphin Port or the Volunteer Center. So, anyway, nothing going on at Amu Plaza worth talking about for the last two weeks (just clothing sales in the open plaza).

The space in front of Lotteria has also been pretty quiet. There was a one-day "Kuru Kuru Marche" on Sunday, Jan. 21st. Basically just some bakeries and snack shops selling stuff like sweet breads and filled bite-sized cakes. "Kuru Kuru" refers to a spiral. I guess some of the breads were like jelly rolls, which have a spiral shape to them.

Y-Y Festa

Then this last Sunday, the same space hosted a Y-Y Festa (wai wai is the sound happy children make when they play, and sounds like the letter "y"). It only ran a couple hours, ending at 2:30 PM, which is right when I got there. So, I missed being able to take photos of the games and activities for the blog. Basically, just think of it as a big, temporary children's play area.

The staff were already tearing down the tables and activities areas, so I don't know what all they had. The best I can guess at is stilts, pop gun shooting, and nanko. Nanko is the local bluffing game where two people compete against each other to guess how many sticks they're holding in their hand. There was a quiz scheduled to start at 3 PM, but I didn't feel like hanging around for 20 minutes to see what kinds of questions they'd be asking the children. I went up to Amu Plaza, which just had their clothing sale going on. I killed a few minutes in the department store to relax a bit, then went back home to work. Nothing else to report this time.

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